Who are we?

Red Rockets Athletics is a youth sports, community-based non profit. We organized within the DeKalb County communities in 2018 but we service all of Metro Atlanta, Georgia! We currently have a concentration of youth soccer and basketball ages 5-14. We also have a new mentorship program to support mental health amongst our youth. Our goal is to promote health and fitness in all capacities for our metro city youth and families!   

What do we do?

We work inside of the Metro Atlanta area connecting with the community to bring sports and mentorship opportunities to our youth! 


We believe play is an essential part of mental, physical, and social wellness! It releases the endorphins that promote a great overall mood and blood circulation that feeds the muscles in our bodies to keep us flexible and strong! 


Life is hard on everyone! Sometimes all we need is someone relatable! Here we promote mentorship but just in a more organic way! No uncomfortable adjustments! 


With our organized sports program we introduce competitive play. This is when we learn self control and great team sportsmanship. Sometimes kids just need to learn how to handle things first hand, and this a great way to do it!  


We are directly affected by the choices we make for our bodies! Here at RRA, we promote healthy food choices and decision making. This isn't just important for our athletes but also for their families! 


The most important part of starting a new sport is the fundamentals stage! If the fundamentals are not taught correctly it could discourage an athlete full of potential, or it could lead to serious injury! Here, we have our trained coaches take their time to make sure each athlete is getting the necessary attention required. 

Goal Setting 

The great thing about sports is that there are hidden lessons in each sport, in every game! Sports allow athletes to reflect on their current skill level and set small goals to reach their desired skill level! Those skills will most definitely carry with them as they grow older and need goal setting skills to accomplish small or large tasks.   

What Do Rockets Do?! TAKE OFF!!! 

"One of the most valuable lessons your child will learn from sports is how to take risks, how to fail gracefully, and ultimately succeed by overcoming failure"   -John O'Sullivan